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Mike Bush

SaferCities Advisory Board

Mike Bush has built a career on leadership, dedicating over 40 years to New Zealand Police and redefining it as a future-fit organisation with a progressive culture reflecting the shifting needs of a nation and leveraging technology where appropriate.

Mike’s skills are leveraged internationally, formerly as an investigating Detective and Diplomat in South East Asia for NZ Police and still now as an operational and strategic leader.

As Commissioner and Chief Executive he led a significant transformation of the New Zealand Police, with a focus on strategy, culture and values, leadership, operating model, technology and systems.

Mike was the visionary behind the “Prevention First” strategy that he implemented in stages and this has been adopted by Police jurisdictions around the world.

He has been awarded a Member of the Order of New Zealand, New Zealand Service Medal and a Companion Order of New Zealand.

Mike is helping Scott and the SaferCities team better understand Police processes and provides leadership coaching.

The vGRID SaferCity Platform was designed and developed for NZ Police under Mike’s leadership as Police Commissioner and Mike is the international ambassador for the platform as SaferCities expand globally.

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