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SaferCities Consultancy

Need help designing and implementing a CCTV network?

SaferCities is here to make that happen. As industry leaders in building CCTV and network designs that provide exceptional visibility – not just of your community, but also of your capex and opex so you can better understand the benefits of your systems long term.

Whether you’ve already got the hardware in place, or need help choosing and installing wide area CCTV systems, SaferCities’ experience designing, budgeting and managing implementation is second to none. Let us work with you to create detailed high and low-level designs that define your network architecture, then drive negotiations with winning vendors and integrators to establish your SaferCities Certified, build-ready designs.

From guiding you through gathering requirements to writing a scope, overseeing RFPs, introducing you to key stakeholders, managing live video streams through vGrid Safer City and Safer City VMS – our people and managed services bring your project together.

Our independent approach and deep expertise will help you safeguard your customers, stakeholders, partners, local community and help you build a safer city in your area.


We start by documenting your current requirements – what you need to create a successful CCTV network system.


We take stock of your current set up, assessing the capabilities and limitations of your existing systems.


Based on your needs and requirements, we design the future state of your system. We can do this at three levels:

High Level Designs

  • Specifying exactly where your cameras will look and what kind of imagery you’d like to capture.

Cost Estimates

  • While we don’t sell CCTV cameras ourselves, we can indicate what you should budget for someone else to supply and install your new system.

Low Level Network Designs

  • We’ll detail exactly how your CCTV system will connect to your network – even down to IP addresses and server names.

Go to market

Brand agnostic and impact driven, we’ll either recommend preferred suppliers and CCTV integrators, or help you go to the market and request industry quotes and proposals that meet your requirements.


We’ll manage the implementation of your new system so that you’re getting a CCTV network exactly to our specifications and your needs.


SaferCities will review the documentation of the installers and certify that the system you’ve installed is ready to be utilised.

When it comes to wide area CCTV projects, a clear vision and rigorous project plan is crucial for budgeting, stakeholder buy in and the success of your project. The SaferCities team have the knowledge and experience to get it right, save you money, and help deliver your project on time.

Get SaferCities on board for your next CCTV and networking project.

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