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We help build safe & vibrant communities

When SaferCities founder Scott Bain witnessed a violent attack in Auckland via a CCTV monitor, he immediately understood the need for cohesive collaboration between police, business operators, and communities to help prevent crime.

We all want safer communities – with less antisocial behaviour. We want our communities to thrive, to enjoy more traffic to our local businesses, and to strengthen the feeling of a vibrant, successful community. That’s why SaferCities exists: to make cities safer through proactive CCTV consultation and secure connection to local and national police through the vGrid platform.

Whether you’ve already got a CCTV network in place and want to connect your system securely to police to prevent further crime, or need advice on setting up a system, then SaferCities can help.

Securely collaborating and sharing (visual) information with trusted partners helps further empower communities of all sizes. Let’s find the perfect set-up, technologies and connection that gives you the peace of mind that your community – and that you’ve got the right system to remain actively protected.

Our integrated approach includes consulting on CCTV infrastructure and connecting security assets. We allow data to be securely shared with local and national police, as well as authorised users, stamping out crime and helping communities thrive.


We help businesses define and execute their requirements through expertise in video technology, networking, software, databases and convergence of visual information related to safer city initiatives.

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We've developed secure, opt-in solutions that leverage your legacy CCTV networks so you can create safer communities without the need for investing in new networks or complicated hardware.

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The more cameras and people we connect with intelligent and robust technology, the more we can support and protect our businesses and people.

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